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For those of you who are fascinated by the pastFind Article, pocket watches and even fake Rolex watches are one way that you can capture this magnificence. While owning a real Rolex can be wonderful the same can be said of the fake Rolex watches. Discovery is the best channel on television. And Shark Week is, undoubtedly, the best week of themed TV. Discovery Channel is as informative as it is entertaining and the best shows are those that feature grotesque creatures that live at the bottom of the ocean - you know, the ones with huge eyes, jutting teeth and transparent bodies. Yes, transparency in all its freaky glory. There's something strangely fascinating about seeing the innards of animals, and that extends to the human body, too, judging by the global success of the "Bodies" exhibition of preserved and dissected human parts. Machines are also infinitely more interesting when we can see their inner workings and, in the world of watches, this desire to see within has given rise to skeleton watches. A skeleton watch is one in which the moving parts are visible either through the front dial or the caseback. However, purists would say that a true skeleton watch should be transparent all the way through, like the Cartier Santos 100 Skeleton. A monster 46mm case made of palladium houses the see-through dial complete with the signature Cartier blue steel hands. Also included is a black alligator-leather strap, but the real star is the visible hand-finished movement, made up of 138 pieces, including 20 jewels. At HK$420,000, the Cartier Santos 100 Skeleton doesn't come cheap, but for all that you get a handmade gem that certainly isn't dull. Sports-watch maker Oris has created an arresting skeleton timepiece in association with the Williams Formula One team, of which it is a sponsor. Costing a shade less than HK$8,000, the Oris Williams F1 Team Skeleton Engine Date was released in 2009 but still looks fresh, with a cut-away dial filled with colour and an interesting date indicator that auto corrects itself.